What can I build to help you?

I focus on web based software development using mostly enterprise open source technologies. I live the agile way and drive agile transformation with a lean and rapid software development mantra.

If what I do is useful to you connect with me through the channels below. See you there!

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Business Minded

We all have to take an economic view of how we spend our time.

I live an Agile Lifestyle

Agile is at the heart of creating real value and everything I do.

Comfortable with remote work

Geared for remote work and doing it for a while with international Agile teams.

Growth Mindset

I love to learn, grow and accept change. We make the best of the moment we have now.

Strong versatile technical background

I have worked with all kinds of tech and a veriety of international companies.

Can work on my own

I love teams and I can also deliver value in isolation.

Client Centric

Without clients or users of our products we may as well go fishing.


I am happy when everyone gains from a negotiation.

Remote Work

Virtual or remote work is nothing new for me, even in team environments.

It‘s been a privilege to work with people, teams, and companies worldwide to create exciting things. It‘s getting easier to collaborate virtually and produce value wherever you are.

I have a dedicated work environment, backup power, reliable internet, and a security-first approach at home.

With my own capital and time I created and maintain a home remote work environment which is resilliant and comfortable. This setup is not just nice to look at, it has all the elements to get the job done.


Data security, compliance and remote work give executives and CIO’s sleepless nights.

Security has become a complex subject with the increasing work from home migration and earlier scenarios where work is contracted externally from your organisation.

I do my part by ensuring that I do everything possible to keep your data safe when I work with it and understand compliance to the best of my ability.

Data and Business Security

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